Kickin’ It With Messi

April 20, 2024

Imagine the coolest soccer player ever, and you've got Lionel Messi. He's not just awesome; he's like a soccer wizard.

Back in 2022, he led Argentina to win the World Cup after almost 40 years! Fast forward to July 21, 2023, he made his Major League Soccer (MLS) debut in Miami. Picture this: Messi, the soccer maestro, took a free kick and bam! The ball danced around the other team's wall, scoring a goal that made everyone go wild. Inter Miami, the underdog, won, and more than 20,000 fans cheered like crazy. Even David Beckham, one of the cool owners, got teary-eyed!

Messi's journey to America started when he finished playing in France for Paris Saint-Germain. People were curious: Where would he go next? Return to Barcelona or maybe join a new league in Saudi Arabia? Surprise! Messi chose Inter Miami at 36, giving American soccer a mega boost.

Now, America is buzzing with soccer fever. Ticket sales, merchandise, and fans watching on TV – everything's soaring! Apple even had a record-breaking day with over 100,000 new sign-ups for MLS Season Pass when Messi debuted. It's like a Messi magic spell!

Sure, Inter Miami missed the playoffs last season, but the 'Messi effect' is unstoppable. With the U.S. hosting the 2026 World Cup, things are looking bright. The U.S. team was already strong, and now, with Messi inspiring young players, the future is super exciting!

America used to be all about other sports, but now it's turning into a soccer nation—a fútbol nation! Miami snagging Messi made soccer cooler than ever, and with three major tournaments coming up, get ready for soccer mania, no matter your age. Messi's not just a soccer star; he's the spark that turned the U.S. into a soccer-loving nation!

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